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Why Join EnTech Robotics?

EnTech Robotics is the oldest FIRST Robotics team in South Carolina. We currently have one FRC team, and three FTC teams. Students who join one of our teams benefit from experienced mentors, and a team structure designed to give students maximum input into the design of the robot. 

We are not exclusive to just one school. We are open to every students that attends school or is homeschooled in Greenville County. Our members have the opportunity to interact with people across the Greenville area. New students are not required to have any previous knowledge; we'll teach you what you need to know to work on the mechanical, electrical, CAD, or programming subteams. Students who are interested in joining one of our robotics team, but doesn't want to get involved in technical/engineering aspects can help us significantly on the business side of a team. For example, modifying the website, managing social media, and if you're interested in graphic design/animation, you have a place on the team as well. There's plenty of work to go around! 

Students can also help us work on FIRST awards (These Are Usually What The Business Subteam Works On):



We are also looking for mentors for our various subteams for the FRC team*

*Mentors must be 18, out of HS, contact us for more criteria to join.

You don't have to know everything about a specific subteam to be a mentor. Mentor's main job is having the ability to guide, inspire, and foster a positive learning environment. Nor do you have to dedicate all of your time to mentoring. Even helping us one day a week is okay, we value any contribution to the team you can provide.

Here are the different subteams we have on the team:






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Sponsor Us! 

EnTech Robotics is looking for new ways to expand our outreach to our community and our student involvement. The FRC team goes on outreach events around 3 times a year to events such as iMagine Upstate.

Based on the level of support, our sponsors get their logo on the Team T-Shirt, the robot, on our website, or all of the above. We are really grateful for our sponsors.

Ways that you can sponsor our team: 

Monetary Contributions:

Directed Funds (Applies to both FTC & FRC): Travel Expenses (meals, lodging, fuel), and Entry Fees To Competitions. 

Grants or Scholarships (Applies to both FTC & FRC): Annual Dues.

In-Kind Contributions:

Materials (FRC): Robot Components, Aluminum Stock, Motors, and Hardware.

Services (FRC): Laser Cutting, Machining, and Field Element Construction (woodworking).

Materials (FTC): Will be listed out soon.

Services (FTC): Will be listed out soon.